About this website

JPIIPanthers.com is the official Pope John Paul II Catholic High School (JPIICHS) Athletics website.  It is not the main High School website.

A few features this website provides:

This site adheres to the new branding guidelines  including graphics and colors, set forth by the JPIICHS administration.

It has a mobile friendly design, so that when you look at it on a desktop, phone or tablet, you will see fonts in a readable size and most of the text and images on the pages will fit across the screen.

We’ve included calendar links so that you can go to the calendar of sport of your choice, and use the link provided to add the calendar as an additional calendar to your own personal or family calendar. These calendars are provided by the Coaches and the Athletic Director, who are able to make changes to the calendar and you will see them instantly on your calendar when you use the provided link.

The calendar events are also merged and brought in to the front page events listing, so you can see the upcoming events of the combined sport calendar.

The calendar events include the specific address of the event. This is helpful to allow you to use Google Maps, or a similar map of your choice, you will be able to get directions to the event from where you are located using your device GPS.

This site includes links and sometimes embedded video from High School Cube webcasting/broadcasting website of JPIICHS events.

The site content will be maintained by the JPII Athletic Director in order to keep the information fresh.  It is set up to allow updates to be made as easily as updating a Facebook page.

This website was put together by the JPIICHS Athletic Director, Anthony Van Gessel, along with a volunteer under his direction at very little cost to the high school.


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