Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are offered at SJPII?

  1. Fall– Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, Cheerleading
  2. Winter– Soccer, Basketball
  3. Spring– Baseball, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field

What are parental responsibilities connected to athletics?

  1. Booster Fundraising Commitment- Each athlete has a fundraising commitment of $100 dollars per sport (with a cap of 200 dollars) for the Athletic Booster Club.  Families can meet this requirement through participation in booster fundraising events.  These fundraisers will occur throughout the year, and parents will be notified through the Booster Blasts (email).  Some examples of these fundraisers are:
    1. Booster Memberships
    2. Winter Meat Sale
    3. Hooded Sweatshirt Orders
    4. Annual Golf Tournament
    5. Media Package sales
     2. Team Fundraising- In addition to Booster fundraising, each team MAY require students to raise additional funds
     3. Parental Duties- Each sport requires parental assistance to make them successful. Driving to games, working the  concession stand, selling tickets, and working the scoreboard are some of the many ways that parents help run sporting events.  And can earn volunteer hours for themselves.

What forms must my student have?

  1. FHSAA Form EL3- This is a parental consent form allowing your student to play sports.
  2. FHSAA Form EL2- This is a physical that must be completed by a qualified medical professional clearing your child to play sports and
  3. FHSAA Form EL3CH- This is a concussion and heat awareness form that informs parents and athletes of some of the dangers of sports
  4. SJPII Commitment to Excellence –  an agreement between our athletes, coaches and parents signed annually

Each of these forms must be signed by parents and athletes and turned in to the Athletic Director or Head Coach of their sport prior to the first practice.  You should make a copy of all these forms for yourself, before turning them into the school.

What are student opportunities connected to Athletics?

  1. Weight Lifting Strength and Conditioning – Every student at JPIICHS has the opportunity to work with a certified weight lifting trainer from Florida State University.  The trainer is available Monday through Friday free of charge to our families.    A benefit provided through your booster fundraising efforts annually.
  2. Homework Hall – Sport practices start each day at 4:00pm.  Immediately after school for one hour our athletes have the opportunity to get things done before practice starts.  This will give students the opportunity to meet with teachers, make use of NHS tutoring, and attend club meetings.
If you have any questions about the information above please contact the Booster President – or our Athletic Director – Titus Nixon.   All the forms are on the school website under Athletics, then athletic forms on the right.
In Panther Pride,
SJPII Booster Board