Guidelines for Essential Summer Activities

Activities may resume June 15th following these guidelines:

1) Please submit activity to principal for approval with dates, times and supervisor of that event.

2) Principal and AD are responsible for enacting safety measures and for communicating to all participants.

3) At this time 10 people is the maximum for each event.

4) Before beginning activity, decide how participants will be asked if they have experienced flu-like symptoms recently.

○ Participants may be asked to have their temperature taken (in a noninvasive way such as a remote infrared thermometer device) before they enter.

5) Provide signs and reminders and post them throughout the commonspaces and at entrances. (See the Appendix section at the end ofthis document.) Remind people of risks. 

6) Require social distancing of at least 6 ft between each person. 

7) There must be thorough and repeated cleaning of high -contact surfaces and objects.

8) Prepare and maintain clean bathrooms; provide sinks for washing hands with preferably hot water and soap and/or the use of hand sanitizer.

9) If social distancing can be maintained between parties then masks are preferred but not absolutely required.  In the event that interactions of less than 6 ft are anticipated masks should be worn if possible.  Hands should be washed and temperature should be taken.

10) Designate who will be responsible for cleaning ( at a minimum, before and after the activity), and do not run out of supplies.

11) Keep the same small groups together over the course of the activity. Limit intergroup contact and the potential for more contamination.

12) Avoid carpools,if possible.When riding in an automobile to an event, encourage people to ride to the event with persons living in their same household.

13)Avoid shared physical objects and/or materials, including books and paper supplies. Clean and sanitize whatever is used.

14) Consider visual markers that encourage social distancing such as blue painter’s tape, and spacing out chairs.

15) Food- boxed or pre- packaged meals or snacks are best for distribution. 

16) No one should enter an event if he or she has tested positive for COV-19 and has not been medically cleared for returning to school.

17) Anyone showing symptoms of fever,cough,sneezing or other indicators of contagious disease within the past two weeks should not gather in any school event. Participants may be asked to share whether he or she has recently traveled or been exposed to someone who tested positive for COV-19.

18) Participants should avoid loitering and congregating in the parking lot before and after events.

19) At all times follow the instructions of the event leader. ( who ever has the principal’s and AD’s approval)

20) No overnight events

Best Practices:

● Start with ministries which are essential to your mission as a parish.

● Start slowly and gradually. Not every event will be prepared to open immediately. Consider that some may never resume.

● Keep up-to-date on national,state,and local regulations.

● Keep plenty of cleaning supplies and other consumable items (such as soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) available.

● Train the leaders of gathered events for a new normal.

● Make checklists for inspections and encourage healthy accountability.

● Follow the Safe Environment practices that are already in place,notablyadult-to-youth ratios.

● Beware for potential causes of scandal. (Almost everyone has a camera!)

● Help to build the good reputation of theCatholicChurch.

● Ask for help if you have questions. Please direct any questions or concerns to Rev. Stephen Olson or 850-435-3529.


Print Resources (Free printable posters to be displayed near entrances and common spaces)

CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response and the President’s Plan for Opening America Up Again (start with page 38) f#page=45

Community and Faith-Based Organizations

Child Care, Schools, and Youth Programs

Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes